Friday, June 22, 2012

Craft Time Monopolizer

Ok.  So I've made a few things recently and I've been making an effort to sit down and have craft time with my kids.  Even though P is a total craft time ruiner, I still like to give it a shot because he loves it, it kills time, and it's not stupid TV. - Oh, and it's good for their brains.  I read that somewhere.

However, what I'm realizing is that every craft time is really mostly just for me.  I know.  It's terrible, but true.  I get out the paint and a bunch of canvas paper and make special paints and the entire time, all I can think of is what amazing thing I'M going to make.  SO AMAZING GUYS.

I'm trying to start a sewing project but this week has been hell on wheels and sewing requires more focus than I have to offer.  I have started some finger puppets as a gift for a friend's sweet little boy that I've been promising something for.  Hopefully I will put up some pics soon.  We shall see.  In the meantime, check out the amazing things I have my kids have been making!

Ok.  So, I was reading about different paints and this is just their regular finger paint with karo syrup added in to make it shiny.  If you decide to do this, be forwarned, it is incredibly sticky.  Fine for Noli, not as great for The Animal.  It needs to be kinda thick to make it shiny and it helps if you throw some glitter on parts of it - like we did.

The Animal is a violent painter.  Everyone of his paintings has a hole in it and takes days to dry.  But he LOVES painting.
This is Noli's.  As far as she's concerned, yellow is the ONLY color.  

This is just something I saw on pinterest and copied.  I thought/hoped my giant man hands would look more feminine with a floral print. At least I tried. Not sure why the top of J's middle finger is cut off.  It doesn't look that way on the real deal.  

Paper towel butterflies!  Easiest thing ever.  Ingredients: folded paper towels (preferably solid white), food coloring, water, bowls,  pipe cleaners, and googly eyes are optional, but they are never optional for us.  we love googly eyes. This is the tutorial that I used:

She was proud.  We hung them up in a huge window to attract REAL butterflies. So far, it did not work. It's got to be the googly eyes scaring them away. I'm sure of it.

I can't figure out how to turn this the right way, but this was my craft as my kids were painting.  It's our family.  We are not a family of mutants, we do have mouths.  I just haven't glued them on yet.

working on my project WAY after the kids deserted craft time.  JERKS!

We listen to kids music a lot (unfortunately).  This is "The Fresh Beat Band" station on Pandora.  It has gems such as this on there.  Don't think I didn't dance like a crazed person to this song...because I did.   Miley Cyrus or Kids Bop...which is worse?  Tough.  Real tough call. Talk amongst yourselves.
Last thing: a summary of the last 24 hours includes the following: phoenix painting his face with a shade of nail polish that I would call "almost black".  Yes.  That's what he chose.  And then today, Noli painted her face with markers - a BROWN marker, no less, so she just looks like she has a hobo beard. And then, a few hours later, she looked like a hobo trannie by adding a lovely red marker lipstick.  And while she was putting on said lipstick, I was crawling all over my house picking up nails.  That's right, my son found a HUGE ziplock full of tiny nails and scattered them throughout the house like he was a flower girl (know how they throw the flowers everywhere?).  I can't even begin to go into the rest of the chaotic day - let's just say that at the end of the day, I cried to the pizza guy.  I don't know how you single momma's do it.  I've only been alone a couple evenings and it's darn near impossible.

I'm kind of proud of her lipstick application.  Looks pretty good...for a hobo trannie.


  1. I hate how i think craft time is so much fun... and it is... but then the kids are done in like 5 minutes, and i haven't even started.. and I have THEIR mess! I agree... Jerks!

    I've so been wanting to do the handprint craft! Must do it this week!

    I'm glad you're blogging... I'm trying to get back into it also!

  2. It's hard to consistently blog! I've been taking pictures of stuff we're doing so that I have some material. I know that I'll be happy to have this when the kids get older and it's super fun to do and makes me feel productive. BUT I have to go down to my basement to blog and while i like the hibernation aspect, it's not very convenient.
    I know. Craft time is HUGE messes and lasts 2 minutes. That's why this week, I have planned a craft that is kind of fast and mostly lame. But I don't care. At least I'm trying! Some people don't even try. Terrible parents mostly.

  3. Annie, seriously. You are so hilarious! I just love the way you tell stories.

    And re: craft time...I'm with you. Stinkin' kids abandon their projects and I have to finish theirs AND mine (there's no way I'm letting a sub-par, unfinished project off my table). Crafty losers.