Monday, June 18, 2012

Once upon a time, I was a sometimes blogger, after baby #2, I became a zerotimes blogger.  I loved it and some people seemed to like what I said (let's face it, it's mostly family, but I'll take what I can get).  Anyhoozle, baby #2 is now 2yrs old and slightly entertained by TV which means MAYBE I can sit down on the computer for 2 seconds without fearing for his life or his sister's life.

So, little catch up from the last blog... my little beauty, Magnolia, is now 4 and my little terror, Phoenix, is now 2.  They like candy and almost breaking their extremities off every second of every day.  So that sums up my kids - and every other kid on earth.  

So I guess I'm kind of redefining my blog as a mom, a seamstress, a somewhat crafty and definitely creative weirdo, and an all around genius.  Probably less of the last part, but I heard that confidence gets the ladies.  I'm not really into ladies but confidence is still good, right?

The craftish side of this blog is just kind of letting people know about my current projects and I will definitely link the tutorials or patterns that I'm using.  Free tutorials are definitely my go to.  I bet you can't guess why. . .(they're free.)  So for those of you who wistfully look at Noli's easter dresses and say "i wish I could sew".  I'm here to tell you DO IT!  You ding dong dang can.  I promise.  I never saw anyone use a sewing machine before I had my own.  I'd never heard of a bobbin and the thought of a needle jabbing fabric over and over looked like an accident waiting to happen. - I've only been stabbed a couple times and it was wonderful.  The cup is half full you guys.

I'm starting a couple sewing projects this week (yeah, a couple, which means I might never finish either one) and I'll try to post some pics as I'm moving along and definitely post links to the tutorials or patterns that I'm using.  AND, I'll be talking about my lovely and very entertaining kids as I try to maintain my sanity and also attempt to recover a little of my pre-mom self while still being a stay at home mom.

This seems like an awfully informative and strange blog post.  AND I'M TOTALLY ROLLING WITH IT.


  1. YAYAAAA!!! Blogggy bloggerton!! I love it!! And I will read it and soak up all your amazing creativity! I was so inspired by you and your craftiness this weekend! I can't wait to get set up and start tapping into my old artistic side!! So much fun!!

  2. And YOU inspired me to blog again! We inspired each other. That's cute.